Pan and tilt, default position

Apologies if asked prior, but I just got the pan and tilt and love the motion tracking. However often times after tracking, the device retains the last tracked position. Is there a way to set a default position or have it return to center after tracking?

Actually it should go back to it’s previous position after 30 seconds when there is no motion detected anymore. I also noticed that it fails to do so sometimes. As far as I know there is no setting to always return to a fixed (default) position and would be useful to add as an option because you want to always detect a particular part of the area and not have it pointed at an area that doesn’t cover this.

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It seems that when the cam is in the process of following motion and you turn it off, it will not return to its original position when turned on again. You’ll have to wait 30 sec. after motion has stopped to have it go back to the original position and then turn it off.