Pan and Tilt Auto Night Vision keeps turning on and off

Hi, I have the indoor pan and tilt camera and I have the auto night mode enabled but I am finding it keeps turning on and off, is this a fault or is there a way of setting to change based on time? Any help would be appreciated


When is it turning off and on? Is there low light visibility when it turns on?

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying I didn’t receive a notification, I have found it does it when I 1st turn off the lights, I thought it may be related to my phone or watch but this isn’t the case. I have also seen it happen at 03:00 in the morning when bolting has changed and it’s pitch black, I know on at least one occasion it was due to and upgrade, do you think it’s faulty?

Did you ever find a proper fix? Customer Service mailed me a replacement and after updating, it keeps flicking on and off. I can’t find a solution on mine. (Pan & Tilt)

What is bolting?

The night vision does not stay on all the time, it only turns on when movement is detected

I had a faulty unit, I contacted support and they sent me a replacement and this works fine. P.S. night vision is permanent on the indoor cam, I have mine on permanent record and it is always on so not just on motion detection