Overall Battery life in the Eufycam 2C

I have just set up 2C camera system and everything seems to be slanted towards preserving battery life. Part of what I want the system for is to watch live for wildlife in the garden, but every minute the viewing is interrupted to tell me about using the battery. The batteries are rechargeable, is there a limited number of times this can be done? Can I switch off this warning?

To a fault. And with the battery claims they make… they need to, But, should have 2 options under power manager.

  1. RECOMMENDED. This option would try to hit that batt claim at all cost.

  2. CUSTOM. The “it’s your cam, do whatever you want with it” option.

Set your camera alarm to run as long as you want
Set the time to continue recording after motion stops
Set your own Live view time out

Or the simple answer: no you can’t. Sorry.

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