Outdoor Temperature

We just purchased and installed our eufy cameras. My husband saw on a document that they should be brought in at -4 degrees. We live in MN and this could be multiple days a month.
Anyone just leave them out no matter the temp?

Minus 4F is the bottom of the working temp range. The cameras will still operate below that temp, but how much lower isn’t documented. The temp is based on the fact that lithium batteries don’t operate very well in cold temps becasue the electrolyte becomes a solid and electrons can’t flow. What you really don’t want to do is charge the batteries in temps below 32 Degrees F. If you need to charge in cold temps then you need to bring the cams inside and warm them up before charging. Charging lithium batteries below 32 F will cause internal damage to the cells and the batteries will die.

Its best to make sure all outside cams have a good charge before the temps drop and hopefully that will last. However, the batteries are less efficient the colder it gets, so you may have to pull them down and charge if you cold weather lasts too long.

Eufy even has a warning icon that pops up when outside temps drop telling you not to charge.


And what about solar charging? It’s automatically turned off at low temp?