Outdoor siren missing in Eufy’s product line-up

What’s really missing with the Eufy security system is an outdoor siren. The siren of the homebase is way too soft.


I totally agree with this and have raised the matter before myself. A security system is only really a deterrent if it can be heard by others when activated and seen by the criminal prior to an attempt to enter. I want to stop the attempt not just know it is happening whilst I’m elsewhere and helpless.
Come on Eufy, let’s have an outside siren box.


At least do an upgrade so the Homebase is loud enough to be heard outside

I have a sensor in my garage but anybody could burgle all my tools and nobody would k ow or help as the base station siren is in my house


Yes, this is a very important need.


should be easy enought to implement via a softweare tweak given the cameras have anti tamper alarm/speaker on them anyway


You can actually use cams linked to the homebase as siren, not loud and sadly solocams, floodlight cams etc don’t work but my 2C Pro’s do. You can set this as automation in the app.

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I don’t want any attention on my homebase at all. The hub of my system needs to remain silent and out of sight. This is why I want a remote siren. I’m sure Eufy is just so busy with the dog treat gizmo to get this simple accessory to us.


Yeah actually I suggested this to Eufy. At least they took my advice to sound the camera when the hub alarms. An outdoor siren is very necessary. l have a cheap home security from Amazon. It come with an outdoor siren2 remotes and a bell. The outdoor siren is very loud and flashes red when activated. I don’t know what type of wireless connection it uses to communicate with the hub. It also has a tamper feature as well


Someone posted this. I hope it comes soon.