Option to Flip or Rotate Image

I have a SpaceView Pro Baby Monitor (T8300) with the 720 Monitor (T8321-M). I want to mount my camera on the ceiling because it provides the best view of my baby’s crib. I am shocked to discover that there does not seem to be any way to configure the camera or monitor for this mounting configuration. This seems unbelievably short sighted on the part of the product developer. It would be the simplest thing in the world to simply rotate the image 180 degrees. Please open source your firmware if you’re not going to provide basic functionality like this.



As a software dev I concur that a rotate image option would be very easy. Simply a case of rotating the control, rather than having to manipulate the image. It would be so simple that I’m shocked it wasn’t done in the first place :man_facepalming:

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Would love for them to build an “update” with this feature!! So annoying. I didn’t realize when we mounted this wouldn’t be an option…

I don’t have one of these cameras… but all my other eufy cameras have the rotate image option sort of hidden in the “mounting guide” setting. Just a thought…

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Wow. So frustrating this is not already a feature. Clearly mounting it on the ceiling is the best usecase most of the time.

Looks like maybe a newer version can?


Frustrating that this one can’t!

Yeah, hiding that option there instead of Video Settings is really annoying. But not as annoying as not being able to adjust by 90 degree implements, or even better being able to manually input the rotational value

Here to express frustration as well. Not sure why this version where you cannot flip the monitor image is still being sold— or is there a way to update the system?? We got this monitor as a registry gift 3 months ago so would pretty disappointed there doesn’t seem to be a solution. The field of view with the monitor sitting upright on its base simply isn’t sufficient to see your baby unless they are way across the room and on an angle!!