Operating the two way audio on Eufy Battery doorbell?

Since setting up my new Eufy wireless battery doorbell I have found the 2 way audio very hit and miss and was wondering someone could tell me how theirs operates.

On mine if I go to live view (any method, manually or via a motion alert of button press) generally it opens muted (is this correct?) If I then press the telephone symbol and talk on my phone no voice is heard coming out of the doorbell.

I can hear sound right away on my phone from the doorbell when I press unmute on the right.

If I mute the audio again and then click the telephone symbol more often than not the audio from my phone does come out of the doorbell.

Is this how it is supposed to operate? It seems very clunky to have to mute and then press the telephone, then to hear a response cancel the telephone and unmute again???


If someone presses the doorbell and I open the notification on my phone it also opens muted on the phone.
If I press the talk telephone and talk into my phone I can hear it come out the doorbell. There is usually a redicilous delay so you need to manage that. Say a sentence wait a long time for a response back. If you rush that bit you will either not hear them or loose where you are at in the conversation in all the confusion. I only have to unmute the first time though and then continue as above. It’s quite pathetic if you ask me and I have honestly just given up on the doorbell and calling it a waste of money. It rings and the base chimes so I do have that I guess and that’s somewhat of a positive. If I rely on notifications or motion alerts they come through about 10 seconds after I walk in my front door yet I have a 10m straight path with perfect line of site before getting to the doorbell. I chose the doorbell thinking i would already know about a person before they got to the button but the lag and delay have binned that idea. The cameras on the other hand are very quick to detect and notify with little lag.
Not sure if I helped but I do feel like you are more prepared with accepting it’s just a terrible product. Sorry

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The two way audio seems extremely hit and miss… The connections and speeds are good. If I mute the doorbell i get better success at “sending” audio to it. But its still not 100%.

Someone suggested turning volume to max improves things??