OOPS: Eufycam 2c Spotlight ... NOT ... turning on randomly

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I have the eufycam 2C in my baby’s room. The Night Vision setting is B&W Night Vision where it uses the IR LED when motion is detected. The spotlight should never turn on unless I turn it on manually during live view, correct?

The spotlight turns on like every 30-45 minutes for about 2-3 seconds. There is no motion and no video recorded. I only know that the spotlight turns on because I also have the baby monitor on from the opposite angle, and I can see the flash on the baby monitor.

Is this a known issue? Is this a defective camera? Or am I missing something?

Turns out, I was mistaken. OOPS.
See the solution here:

Make sure you have the spotlight turned off and IR turned on for nigjt time motion detection in the settings. Otherwise if it detects motion the spotlight will turn on

Yup, that’s the current setting. B&W Night Vision.


  1. Whenever I change the Night Vision setting (e.g. from B&W Night Vision to Turn Off), the spotlight turns on for like 2-3 seconds.
  2. The setting was at Turn Off. The spotlight still turned on for 2-3 seconds randomly. This woke up my baby at 1:18 AM.

Now, I’m wondering if my account got hacked.

check for an update on the cameras and homebase, I would also try a reset or start from scratch if you don’t have an issue doing so. Also reset your account password, just to be safe

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Yeah, I’ll probably do that today. I really didn’t want to have to do this …


I found that after certain updates it messes with the settings and a reset afterwards clears all issues. And that goes with other products not solely Eufy, cell phones for instance have this issue too

Apologies. I am so embarassed. I was totally mistaken. It was NOT the spotlight that was turning on. It was the IR that was turning on, and the baby monitor camera picked that up as one big bright light.

Yup, that’s the IR. That’s NOT the spotlight. The photo has not been retouched other than being cropped. That’s exactly how it looks like in the baby monitor.

I’ll flag this thread so that it can be locked.


Glad you got it figured out, I completely forgot about the ir lights looking like that on camera. I have my two 2c cameras opposite ends of a room and it did the same thing when it switched to night mode.