Only record when someone rings doorbell


First of all, I love the eufy products.

I live on a super busy road so the doorbell battery drains super fast. I tried everything from setting the sensitivity to 1, adjusting the zones, different modes. The only way I could prevent my doorbell from draining is to set my doorbell to only record when the doorbell is pressed. The only thing that I can find on different forums is that you can only record when motion detection is on, even when you only want to record when someone presses the doorbell.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Go to the Doorbell’s Power Manager submenu. Select the Optimal Battery life choice. This will turn off motion detection and allow recording only after the bell is pressed. I have had mine set up this way for over 2 years.

Thank you for your comment. I had the doorbell set on optimal battery life. But it didn’t record anything when the doorbell was pressed.

I selected another one and put it back on optimal battery life. Maybe it resets it or something. Is it normal that when you select this option, the motion detection slider is still turned on?

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I have my doorbell set to optimal battery life now for a couple days and still it doesn’t record video. sometimes once in 2-3 days it records when someone presses the doorbell… I read some similar problems on other forums, so I guess I’m not the only one.

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Changing and then changing back. How simple can it be… I’ve been googling for our until I read your comment, which solved it for me as well. Thanks

Mine has the motion detection in the off position. Not sure if I did it or the Power Manager setting took care of it. Its been this way for over 3 years. I didn’t have to swap back and forth with the settings to get it to work. With all the lame code Eufy has piled on top over the years it would surprise me that you might have to toggle something on and off to get it to work.