Only a single vibration when someone presses bell

Can someone help me? As subject says, i only get a single vibration when someone rings the bell. How can i change this to a ring? Thank you!

It is being treated as a notification by the device.
So this is something eufy could change in the future, make it a proper ‘call’.
If you are on android, you can use tasker to trigger a ringtone when the doorbell notification arrives.

Thank you so much, just did as you suggested with my android and now I at least hear it! :):grinning:

Depending on the type of doorbell, there are lots of options for changing the sound and what type of notifications you get. If you are asking a question, let others know what hardware you have as there a about 3-4 different doorbells. I have the wireless battery powered doorbell and if you go to device settings, under notification, you should see a number of different options. At the very bottom there is a choice called Ring Alerts. There, you can set the sound of the bell. Also, under Indoor Chime on the menu, you can select the chime you have and set the alert sound and volume.