One of my cameras is completely dead

I purchased the eufy Security eufyCam E, Wireless Security Camera, and the eufy Security eufyCam E Wireless Home Security Camera System, last year on July 15, 2019. LOVE the system but I have one camera that the battery died completely and rather quickly and won’t charge, or syn, won’t even come on after 12+hours of charging.

I went to the forum and I saw where it was suggested to remove the camera from the app and add it back. So, I deleted the camera, went through the steps to add it back, and when it advises to “Press the SYNC button for 2 seconds until you hear a Beep” I do but do not hear any beep, so I go to “why do I have a different case?” and I follow those directions - no Beep try charing the camera for 10 mins. I have been in the forum for several days researching doing every single tip/trick/suggestion I could find from removing the camera from the system, but once I did that the Homebase won’t pick it up the camera now at all.

The camera is completely dead any other suggestions before I contact support? Thank you!

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Well, no. If the camera won’t even turn on after you charged it, you should really contact hem.
Does the led light up when it’s charging?

best to contact support for warranty exchange, explain whats going on and what you tried to fix it. Also provide your receipt or order number and serial number to help expedite the process


No, nothing. I just wanted to make sure I covered all my bases before contacting them. Thanks for the input!! :blush:

Thank you for the additional info ref order number etc. I appreciate your input. :blush:

Hello. Did you get any response from Eufy? I have a cam behaving exactly like that. No leds, no sound, nothing. Thank you!

Mine started doing the same thing too.
Dead after the battery life went flat I go to charge it and 24hours later its still dead

I have the same problem, I have sent an email with all the information, twice, but haven’t heard back from anyone.
It hasn’t been 12 months since I bought them.

Mine stopped charging completely exactly 1 year old. Shit product

I tried different cgarves and cables. Nothing worked.

Ended up opening the camera and changed the batteries.
Still dead.

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I had one of mine go dead on me. Nothing worked to get it back but it still would light up but not connect. All the videos associated with the camera were gone. What’s the point of endless storage if you can’t access the videos if the camera is dead or stolen?