OK Eufy. I'll give U a SIMPLE way to unify and sell millions of your products. So get your software developer to listen & implement this SIMPLE change

The biggest problem with Eufy Security products is the lack of UNIFIED Security & Automation control on multiple Homebases and WiFi only wired products. What I’m about to propose can be implemented very fast and requires ZERO changes on individual product firmware, and only a SIMPLE change on the Eufy Security app.

And that SIMPLE change is: Create in the “Add Device” list a “Virtual HomeBase” (only one should be allowed) that when created in it’s Settings you can set “Paired Devices” from ALL the available HomeBases & Wifi only wired devices that are in the user’s home network in your app. And its whole purpose would be to replicate the security settings (same security settings as you currently have for Modes and Automation for the physical HomeBases and WiFi only wired products) to the “Paired Devices” of the “Virtual HomeBase” and copy them to activate all the paired devices (HomeBases & Wifi only wired devices). This allows you FIRST to reuse code you already have of Mode/Automation of HomeBases and Wifi only wired products, and SECOND does NOT require ANY firmware changes on ANY of your physical products. And controlling that one “Virtual HomeBase” controls all the “paired devices” under it. Think of it as the “Virtual Homebase” to rule all the security settings of your HomeBases and Wifi only wired devices.

So tell your software developer to drop everything he/she is doing and instead to implement this SIMPLE change, that will UNIFY and generate millions of sales for your products, not to mention that it will allow control of ALL of your devices by your keypad and alarm kit, like normal people expect from their security system to do.


This. Give this man some likes @Mengdi


Please @Mengdi @Yanyee1 , forward the OP to your software development team/person. This is badly needed.

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Please fix that, for the persons wit more that 1 homebase (everyone who has a big house) this will be a BIG DEAL!!!


I totally agree.

I have multiple Home Bases (because of the distance), Floodlight and indoor cameras.

All Eufy devices, all visible in one app, but all independent of each other. And, sadly, no cross devices automation.

What is sad is that, there is no communication from Eufy if they are even working on this.


@Mengdi @Yanyee1 Please! This is needed so that we can control all our devices together!

We will have a brand new homebase this year, it will solve your problem :)


@Mengdi A new product sounds great! However, has Eufy figured out how to solve the actual problem for those who already OWN their
previous home bases?!? :wink:


No. I heard that you can buy the new homebase separately, which is what I will do. If it means everything is more stable and you can integrate indoor cam, that’s all I want.

@John0 That’s my concern with Eufy. They finally figured out their problems…BUT need to do it with “newer” systems. Which means they never anticipated or planned on these features with their current setup, which is disappointing. However, it’s good to know we’ve been their beta testers and spring board for ideas these last 6-9 months, LOL!

I just get the feeling after spending lots of $$$ on their products, instead of improving their current line-up, they want our feedback through their surveys just so they can move on and push their new items. I get it…it’s a business and without monthly services they need to sell products to make a profit. But to what audience if they continue to burn those individuals without fixing or addressing their current issues?? :thinking:


Please let the new Homebase include:

  • anti-jamming technology, or at least warning
  • cell phone backup
  • battery backup
  • authentication without Eufy servers
  • removable storage
  • maybe also facial recognition?

This is coming from a loyal customer that just bought a whole new Eufy security system + 3 camera’s for his aunts and uncles (btw they love their products).

If you do you will blow your competitors out of the market (Ajax, Ring etc.), because your camera’s are already better IMO, but the Homebase could use some improvement.


@Mengdi Awesome! It will be great when I can have all my devices work together!

Can’t fix much if the hardware can’t take it…

@John0 Agreed! We’ve seen this with smartphones now for over a decade…but at least those companies develop a plan and support their products for years before the hardware is no longer capable. Not just one year :wink:.

It’s just very disappointing because it means it was never thought about in the planning process. No future projections of what they needed on their hardware so it can be changed later through software updates. All while Eufy indirectly mentions to their moderators that these features were coming…but now in a “new” product, lol. This a multi-million dollar industry that is growing quickly. Creating a security product in a competitive field that will need to be replaced in 18 months is not good. Especially, when they push that their battery will last for years (5+), but doesn’t mean much if they can’t support it through their software updates…makes no sense.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I support Eufy’s security products and want to help others in this community with their devices through my personal experiences and learn along the way. However, I will be objective in my views. From someone who has invested in 81 of Eufy security products to date (at two separate locations). Knowing I may need to buy another 7 home bases to get a few additional features is discouraging. I just want all my items to be consistent and work correctly (bad software updates) BEFORE I ever make another purchase.

Why do we have to buy a new homebase when the unification issue is very easily solved with updated mobile app programming? Everything you need is already on the app. No need to buy new hardware. Just do the right thing for your current users and update the app.


I agree with below comments, I’m sure many users would prefer to extend the capability of the Eufy systems they have currently invested in, rather than purchase yet another base station. Sounds like this suggestion, by unifying base stations helps users with larger homes (or more distant devices) achieve a more reliable connection, not sure the new base station mentioned will solve such issues for those users. Please reconsider the proposed concept as I believe it is quite a positive contribution to the forum and product enrichment.

This truly an issue with the app. With a little programming, they could make everything integrate without a homebase.

DO NOT fall for the “typical” corporate bean counter bullsh*t of “new hardware”. All the current hardware devices work just fine on the app. What is MISSING is the integration part. Cause the app does NOT have any CENTRAL control functions. They were never implemented. But it has INDIVIDUAL control functions. So what is missing from the app and needs to be updated is to add a “virtual homebase” with the whole purpose of setting up a “LIST” of devices to automate. This is not difficult to do at all. If I had the source code I could probably have it updated in half a day. Cause the app already automates individual devices. So all you need is a list of multiple devices to fire off the same commands that currently the app is doing to individual devices, SEQUENTIALLY TO MULTIPLE INDIVIDUAL DEVICES!!!
This is NOT brain surgery. It is very simple to do cause all the code is already there for the app to control individual devices. You just need to update the app to do it sequentially one after the other of those individual devices that the app already knows how to do. The “virtual homebase” is nothing more than a placeholder of the devices you selected that you want to sequentially control. Very very simple to do. And the benefit is that unifies the whole ecosystem of eufy security products. No matter if they are homebases or wifi only wired or wireless devices. Just do it already for God’s sake. Sheesh…


I support this and hope Eufy gets to implement this virtual homebase or update their APP. Please we need unified and centralized control from the app

If it is so easy for you to do why not decompile the app & do it?
There’s several tools to decompile with ease