Oh, so this community is ran by Eufy staff for QnA

I was thinking this community was to see reports from your neighbors about potential dangers, etc.


Most people are using this to trouble shoot their issues which is fine but primarily I think it should be a place to discuss opinions on new products and pin point ways to improve existing ones.

The best place to discuss your personal neighbourhood would probably be a local forum or Facebook group.

Please do not post any person details on here regarding your address.


Thanks for your reply Sam. So you work for Eufy? I notice you have some level rank. Is it ok to say where in the world people are from? And by you telling me not to disclose personal info, is that just a suggestion or some rule that if I break may get me eufyexcommunicated? :grinning:

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Nah, @Samthompsonreviews isn’t with Eufy. Not many of us here are. The “levels” are based on how many threads we’ve started, or contributed to other threads through comments or likes


Also, a for not saying where you’re from, it’s more just good practice to not share too much personal information with strangers on the internet. So, just a suggestion…