Offline issues on devices

I’ve purchased the battery doorbell ever since it was released and have hooked the device at the front of the door. Reception was great thru out the months until the end of the year. Now just when January of 2021 started, my battery doorbell constant goes offline for hours in the morning and afternoon and does come back on until late at night. Following morning, it does the same. It’s been two days straight being offline and has not capture anything. I checked if there were any firmware updates recently that could have bugged it but the last one I received were festive ringtones which I dont even use. I am wondering if I am not the only person that is experiencing this offline issue with the battery camera?
My neighbors recently purchased a eufy pro 2 (two camera kit) camera and also had issues where one of the cameras was offline for hours even when her dog was outside in plain sight of camera. It didnt go back online until hours later.
If this constantly happens, what’s the point of having a security camera if it isn’t stable enough to record?
I’ve had eufy cams ever since the kickstarter campaign. I’ve had a few offline here and there but not this much now. No it’s not reception because I’ve had two homebase equally separated, one directly hooked onto router and one wifi.

Now I was told that both cameras of my neighbors show offline today. They had theres nearly a month with no problems before. Everything that happened was not captured in the eufycam while offline.

Have you tried using speedtest to check your upstream internet speed when this happens? Does your neighbor have the same internet provider?

If a completely different system is having a similar problem, it sounds more like a internet connection issue. Your clips and data are stored locally, but your devices have to communicate with Eufy’s AWS servers in order to authenticate the connection. If they can’t communicate, they will eventually drop offline.

I’m running on Verizon fios gigabit connection and two home bases, One first gen and second gen home base. First Gen home base works and I get feed most of the time, There are some times that video becomes offline but not as much as my second gen home base which is connected to the doorbell (First gen connected two two First gen Eufy Cams purchased from kickstarter, installed since then). I do notice a pattern here at the moment where every night, the camera becomes offline and cannot go back online. I know it cannot be the internet issue as I am using the internet both wired and wirelessly most of the time, and mind you, that I’ve been using the wireless doorbell since its first initial release. Also today, although the video doorbell worked, it did not pick up any one ringing our doorbell. That clip just basically disappeared from the event archives. Thank god that we have another security cam (not eufy) that is wired completely but imagine if we didn’t have that. In this day in age, there are a lot of incidents going on during the pandemic as well as after new years and would like to take precaution of our surroundings, but if this door bell keeps getting offline, I see no point in doing it job. It was for the past few months, but I am starting to doubt it now.

As for my neighbor, she has spectrum and has good connection as I checked under eufy’s settings for internet signal. They are running tow EufyCam 2 Pro’s in the house. Front camera gets feed every time, but the backyard goes offline for hours. Both under same homebase, Both signal strength are equal and both same camera. They too don’t have internet connection both wired and wireless as they work mostly home.

I’m running out of ideas on what could have been the issue. We tried hard resting the box, thinking that it needs a little cool-off time and booting it back on, but that didn’t work.

I think you need to contact support at this point. Eufy support doesn’t monitor these pages on a regular basis. I’ve had better luck sending a detailed email explaining your issue, than talking to phone or chat support. They group that monitors email have acccess to the servers and can diagnose technical issues.

I have the exact same problem today with my doorbell and homebase

I am getting notifications but when i try to open it or even try to open live feed i get the below message

Unable to connect to video doorbell (P2P Connection failure)…

I have removed the app and reinstalled , but still the same. Restarted Homebase but no change.

When i now go to homebase settings , i get “Faield to request .-23”