Notifications not working

Lately my cams at the front of my home are not sending out alerts like they once were. Just today a package was delivered and typically I could see the truck and person approaching. Yet i have nothing in my alerts today.

I wonder if there’s an equivalent of “turning it off and on again” for the camera.

Have you checked which Security profile your using could you have switched to a different one? In the App under Security section, for the camera are notifications on or off on the profile you have selected.

Have you tried restarting the homebase?

I genuinely believe there is a bug where the camera just goes to sleep. Mine will work fine for a day or so and then detect nothing the next day. I’m hoping it’s fixable by a firmware update

I did a similar post about the same problem looks tome like a problem in software/firmware. I am hoping that this problem get fix soon.

I had the same problem and could only fix it by removing and then reinstalling the camera.
So far it’s working.