Notifications not working Galaxy s10e phone

My notifications for the eufy application are not working on my galaxy s10e phone.  I have tried all the online help KB’s and everything, uninstalling that app, resetting everything up, etc etc.

But nothing is working…. I am still not getting notifications on my Galaxy S10e.

eufy customer support, or anyone!, Please assist with this critical issue. If I do not receive notifications, the security system is worthless to me… I have 6 cameras and the homebase2 setup along with the doorbell.

I have reinstalled the app as early as last night… I got notifications for half hour maybe, then they stopped… this morning ZERO notifications… it is not installed anywhere else, only on my phone… I setup the application permissions so the phone won’t put it to sleep, etc etc… still no notifications… the security system is useless without notifications :frowning:

EUFY customer support, can you please reply with a solution?

Mike B