Notifications delayed


Has anyone else got the issue with delayed notifications on the doorbell? I seem to be having this issue recently on both Android and iOS devices.

The delay seems to be 1-2 minutes. The doorbell gong from the base is on time and instant.

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Are you on homebase firmware
Other reports are also coming in regarding delayed notifications, myself included.

You should notify support about this be emailing
The more reports, the more ‘heat’ it gets and that ups the priority of the problem.

I have the same with my camera. I’ve just posted it on here. Probbaly not 1 to 2 mins, but upwards of 30 seconds and far longer than it ever used to be.

Yes i got the door bell recently am also facing the delayed notifications

Same problem here (same firmware)! Just bought the doorbell and homebase 2 yesterday. Already did a reset, changed routers, wifi/LAN, battery settings on both android and iPhones but no luck. Delay is around 2:20min.

all works here perfectly, how about yours?

Yes same problems here after using for couple of days. New use and dont know what to do. Outside my wifi network is very poor and more then 2 minutes delay and sometimes not connecting at all…

Also having this issue.

Same problem delayed notification on alexa almost after 10 min or more

Yes. Same here. About a minute delay, sometimes more. Including when doorbell is pressed. By the time I click the notification, the person is gone so not able to interact with them. Defeats the purpose of a doorbell really.


Same here, uefy cam 2c randomly delays notifications, or only send them when I unlock my phone

I had the same problems with my smartwares cam before, hoped uefy would be better…

gmail, whatsapp etc all notify on time, eufy app has the same settings in android but still delays…

Seems the app is not coded well to force notifications… ?

The problem is a setting on your phone not the cameras. You need to remove any battery optimization or power savings for the Eufy app on your phone. The Eufy app is being put to sleep to save battery and so notifications get delayed. I have 14 cameras, a doorbell and multiple sensors of different Eufy models and I get notified in less than 4 seconds for any of them.

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My battery saving is off for all apps.

If you have Android, there is a further adjustment you can make. It adds the Eufy app to a list that stops the app from sleeping.

From Android 9 on, you access the setting by going to Settings> Device Care> Battery>Background Usage Limits>Never Sleeping Apps. ( The access method changes seemingly with every version of Android, so you may have to look around to find it.

If you add the Eufy app to the list that doesn’t sleep, it should help with notifications.

I’ve had my eufy doorbell for over a year now. Notifications were always instant to my phone, never had an issue. But recently within the past month or so my notifications are way delayed, anywhere from a couple of minutes to not getting them at all. All my notification settings are on. I haven’t touched any of the settings for them to be delayed. Has there been a software update recently that could have caused this? I don’t remember my OS updating at all recently, definitely haven’t touched any battery-saving settings so why is it suddenly delaying notifications?? Seems to be a common issue judging by these comments