Notifications Are Very Late

Hi all,

First post. I’m coming from Wyze and so far so good but for one tiny feature that is not working for me or is very inconsistent.

I have notifications set to Full Effect and often I’m not getting notifications until as much as 20 minutes not including a thumbmail.

I have all detection settings on (but only set Notifications for Person) and using MicroSD as storage.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve noticed that as well. Most of the time, the notifications are right on time. Then I’ll randomly get a notification at work that my camera spotted a person. When I watch the clip, it’s me from 3 to 4 hours earlier when I was at home.

I have an indoor 2K camera / MicroSD
Set to continuously record, capture motion events, but only notify when it detects a person (set to Full Effect).