Notification for Doorbell Ring ONLY

Hello. Is there a setting to get notifications on a doorbell ring only? We go out on our front porch a lot ( to hang out, to put items in our recycling, etc…) and we get a notification each time. Or is there a way to have it recognize household members and only trigger a notification for ‘strangers’? Thanks in advance.

Just turn off motion detection notification on the doorbell. That way, it should only notify you if someone rings the bell. Go to the Notification setting and there you have the ability to cotrol notification for motion and/or bell press.

You could also use the Snooze button. If you know the length of time you will be out on the porch, hit snooze and set the time you want to snooze. This will automtically resume the settings you had in place when the snooze time is up.

Got it! Thanks so much.

This might be late for you, but it might still help others.

In the Security section of the app, for your Home mode…settings for Home mode. You can just always leave it in Home mode as an option. Then, turn off Notifications for each plain camera (not the doorbell camera). Leave notifications on for the doorbell camera in the Home mode settings.

Then, in the doorbell camera settings, set the notifications only for the doorbell press and not for motion.

All the cameras including the doorbell will still record the same when motion sensors trigger each recording. You will only receive a notification on your phone when the doorbell is pressed this way.

I hope this helps someone.