Nothing recording & no notifications- Floodlight Camera

The floodlight camera was working well until 12.30ish last night. Since then its not recording anything, no notifications have come through and there are no events in the app.

We’ve has delivereies and we’ve been in and out too which normally triggers the camera. When I went out to test it, the light wasn’t blinking, which it normally does when it’s recording.

I have reset the camera, I don’t want to remove it from the app as I keep reading posts where people can’t connect it back again.

Since restarting I’ve had notifications come through, but when you click on them it just takes through to the life feed, not anything recorded and stored and there is nothing in the events section of the app.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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It’s not only the floodlights. I have eufycam surveillance and having the same issues. I went to turn down my motion detection early in the day. Going into dusk, decided to work on a few outdoor items. The system didn’t twitch. Logged on to reset to default settings. Tested area. Nothing notta can you see me? Hell no :-1:. Cameras are good software SUCKS. Each and every time an update no matter Android or IOS your system never works effecitently again. Back and fourth with tech support. Bottom line 5 or 10 % discount to buy something new your system is out of warranty.