Not recording all motion

My camera in the garden is set to detect human motion but says at night all motion will be recorded. I’ve let my dogs out after 10pm and nothing records. My old arlo system would record foxes and rats. It was nice to see what goes on at night. Do I need to change the settings?

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Maybe there is enough light in your garden at night to keep the human detection working. The only reason it changes is there isn’t enough data in night vision to have the AI make reliable matches. If there is a floodlight or other ambient lighting that prevents it from switching to night vision, it will stay on human detection even at night. It’s pretty easy to test by switching it to All Motion and see what it detects.

Also, IR detection works best when the objects passes across the detector’s field of vision, rather than straight on. If your dogs are going to or from the camera, it will see the warm object, but may not detect motion.