Not recieving notifications on mobile data

Hello I baught the eufy doorbell about a week ago I have set up two separate accounts for me and my partner for some reason I don’t receive notifications on my android phone my partner
does receive notifications when she is not at home she has a android phone as well anybody else have this issue ?

You Post title and content are misleading. Do you not receive any notifications at all, or only when you are on mobile data when you are not at home? Does notifications work when you are at home on the same wifi network? Is your partner on Android as well or iPhone? What have you checked, settings, uninstall/re-install, clear cache/data, notifications enabled and allowed for eufy app, power settings for app ok, cleaner/AV apps??? Lots of things to try and provide details off so we can help.

Yes it’s only on mobile data it does not works when I am at home on WiFi it works the things you have suggested there I have already done my partner has a android phone a Samsung S10 and it works on mobile data when she is out and WiFi when she is home when I am out it does not work on mobile data I am on a android aswell TCL 10 5g