Not getting notification pop up

My doorbell and floodlight stopped pushing notification about a month ago and I contacted eufy tech and their response was " we can’t do nothing" . Since there is warranty I’m thinking of returning everything I owe. I owe 4 different products from eufy.
This needs to be fixed ASAP. I use Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra phone. I’m not sure if this is only in Android or as well in IPhone.

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Notifications range from 15 to 45 min late.
It is eufy server.
Wyze notification is instant now.
I was thinking to get the dog cam.
but decided to defer .

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Same for me on iPhone :frowning:

Same for me, on my s20, only had the thing 2 days, looks like it’s going back

I also have the S21 Ultra. Bought the doorbell in October and it worked GREAT for a month and then I stopped getting notifications for the doorbell. We did buy a smart lock last month which sends me notifications just fine.

Did you by chance also get a smart lock? I’m wondering if there’s something going on when you have both a doorbell and the lock.

And FYI, my girlfriends iPhone never stopped getting notifications.

I even uninstalled + reinstalled the app so that there couldn’t possibly be any battery optimizations blocking things and when I walked in front of the doorbell, no notification. After opening the app, I could see the alert sitting there in the history table so clearly there’s something wrong with the app and not the doorbell.

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Yes I do have smart lock as well, and it works fine.
By the way now I get notification on all the devices . I have 6 eufy devices and it’s working.