Not getting motion notifications on Chime?

Recently installed Eufy 1080p doorbell with plug in chime to replace my Ring doorbell and on the whole happy with the way it works but noticed the chime only chimes when the doorbell is pressed and it does not make a any noise when there is motion notification.

Is this not possible with this set-up?

My Ring doorbell chime sounds when you ring the doorbell and also when there is motion detected so it’s a bit of a step backwards unless I’m missing something in the configuration (I’ve looked through all the settings).

The moton does work with the app but better if would work with the plug in chime in case you dont have your phone at hand in the house.


I am also interested in this functionality. I would like motion alerts to also sound off on my chime. 1080P battery doorbell. Any information is appreciated. Thanks

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I too am looking for this feature. Not all deliveries ring the doorbell. How do we make this visible to Anker official admins?

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Also looking for this feature. I am about to add several cameras and two more doorbells but am waiting to see if this is possible or not as my wife really wants this feature.

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Add me to this enhancement request. Ring does it, why not Eufy?

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