Not detecting camera

Has anyone had the problem where there camera stops detecting and it’s not recording ?

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Yes, since updating Eufy security app. I turn off camera then back on, restart Homebase, fixes temporarily but happens again! Eufy had another app update yesterday v2.2.1_605, updated and working ok for now!

How do you restart home base? Mine worked fine for first 30 days. After recent firmware update- neither cam will detect motion. Manual mode is fine for sound & video. But even after removing & adding cameras back- motion detect does not work. Any suggestions?

Yes. It happened late Oct after the firmware update. Ugh. No motion detection, even after removing & adding cameras back.

I have digital timer’s connected to my Homebase’s. They are set to automatically turn off for 1min, then will turn back on at a set certain time during the day. I can restart bia the app, but with the timers it’s done automatically. This has really helped, before I had many streaming issues, would not play, took ages.

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