Not a fan of the update to the date selection feature

The old feature was intuitive and would quickly show which days had activity. This is especially helpful if you are not able to monitor on a daily bases. Now I am forced to a roll through all dates.


Do you have a screenshot on this issue?

You can hit the oval date in between the arrows and get that, but I prefer the old setup better.

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I agree. The previous format in the app for dates wasn’t as pretty, but was much more functional.

At least you can access other dates. Devices with notches disables being able to access the calander. I also vote to change it back.

@Brandon_James - seriously? That’s a big QA issue. You got a screenshot? It’ll get the point across better :wink:

If you press on the date (Not the arrows) it opens up a calendar where you can see the month with days events have been recorded.