No sound phone when doorbell is pressed

Hello all,

I have a problem with my battery powered doorbell. A few days ago i noticed my phone isnt giving a sound notification when someone is pressing the doorbell. First I checked all my settings (samsung s20+) and found nothing. Then I replaced the doorbell with a new one I got from the seller. I installed the new doorbell and it worked again! The new doorbell was installed with firmware 2.0.0. The old doorbell was fitted with the newest firmware. The problem is the new doorbell got an automatic update so im back to square one.

Can someone from eufy tell me when this is going to got fixed??

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Sounds like the update changed a setting for you. There are two places that could happen.

One is in the Eufy app Notification menu under the doorbell. You should have Doorbell Ring On and Ring Alerts set to Default or whatever chime you prefer.
The other is under Audio settings. The Doorbell ringtone volume setting could be too low.

I have the latest firmware for the battery doorbell and don’t have any issues with the ring notification.

HI i have the same problems when the Doorbell is pressed I don’t get a notification on (10). But my wife is getting the notification on her phone S20. We are in the same room with same wifi connection but I don’t get notifications


I am getting this same problem - wife receives the alerts, but no sound on my end. I do get an alert, just no audio notification.

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Same here my wife gets a audible alert and I don’t, she uses samsung I use huawei. Checked all the notification settings and they all seem to be the same.

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I am getting this same problem - wife receives the alerts, but no sound on my end

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Same here. Phone is a Note10+ . This makes the phone doorbell functionality useless. Sometimes I get a notification minutes later

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Thanks afr69 that cured my problem too removing cool cleaner.

How did you cure your problem with you not receiving notifications from the eufy doorbell ? TIA

I installed the doorbell 2 pro. Same issue. All settings to ON. My wife receives visual and audio notifications when the doorbell is pressed. I only get the visual notification.
Any solution to this issue?

same, Samsung phone no doorbell on phone… tried everything really.

other 2 phones no problem

I’m on latest updates, phone is up to date,
i really tried everything it’s been going on for a month now.

I had the same type of issue on my REVVL 5G phone. Traced it to the Bluetooth settings. I have a Tesla and leave BT on so it can detect when to unlock the car. Eufy’s update removed my audio notification when BT is on. Think maybe it was trying to re-direct audio to the car.

I did find that I could leave BT on if I turned off the Media setting for the Tesla and that will allow Eufy audio to get to the phone. Eufy really needs to hire some real developers that understand the OS they are dealing with.

Same here - my wife’s iPhone gets doorbell notifications, my Android phone doesn’t despite recording events accurately. I am the system “owner”. Should have chosen Ring!

Fixed it - and it’s all my own stupid fault! My phone was on Do Not Disturb so I guess that’s something else to add to the list of things to check. Big apologies to Eufy.

It’s 2024 I’ve run into this problem with my Eufy 340 doorbell camera. The doorbell audio will play if A. I’m wearing my Apple Watch, and sound only comes out of the watch not the phone, B. My headphones, if I’m wearing them, but again no ring from the phone. If my watch and headphones are disconnected I’ll get notified normally. Why does this app feed audio through external speakers and not the default device? Or at the very least give an option to select your default audio device like every other app out there that uses your Bluetooth as speakers. Anyone found a fix for this on iPhone?