No sound being recorded/no sound playback

All of a sudden over the last couple of days of recordings there is no sound in the videos from any camera. Live video playback sound is fine 2 way communication is ok, but no sound from any of my recent videos, either when from human detection (day) or from motion detection (night).

Edit: apparently this is just a video playback issue in the app. When the video is downloaded and play the sound is there.

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Same here. Customer support said to uninstall and install app again. Tried that and didnt fix it. Even restarted homebase from app then unplaugged home base for a few minutes and still the same.

Did you install the app update v2.1.2? Its changelog states it fixes this issue.

Yep same issue here as well using android on a Samsung device.
Live View sound is fine, but playback there is no sound unless I download the footage.
Happened when I updated the app to version

Where are you finding that 2.1.2 update? Reinstalled the app a few times already, it should have installed the latest update. Refreshed and check to see if there is an update too but its only showing the 2.1.1. On Android btw.

Somehow I seem to get the update very quickly… Otherwise I generally check apkmirror, but it seems it is not on there yet.

Hmm. Weird. Im not getting that here in the US.

Update. Finally got the 2.2 update and all is fine now.