No Privacy Zone on my new Cam 2 Pros


I just got my 3 Cam 2 Pro installed, but i can find the setting for “Privacy Zone”.
I bought the set, 3 cam 2 pro + Homebase 2 because my neighbor has it and the Privacy Zone works.

Privacy Zone is a requirement for I can use these cams in the country where I live? They are useless if this is not going to work.

Firmware is 4.4.3 on cams,

And on Homebase 2

What to do?

Wait for firmware update 4.6.6.
If that’s too slow, ask to push the firmware to you.

I have the same problem with my sons cameras, it trys to update to4.6.6 but it when it’s finished we still don’t have the privacy zone and the software still 4.4.1
How do i get it to update to 4.6.6?