No power to Camera

I have the 2c system which has worked perfectly for the last 18 months other than a few software issues which have been resolved through updates. One of my cameras lost power and went off line. now it will not take a charge even when plugged in there is no lights, nothing. It’s been on overnight and went through all the help tips from press and holding sync button to removing device nothing works. I am guessing battery has failed. Anyone else had similar issues? ( I have tried a different charging cable and power outlet but this Doesn’t work either)

I’ve got 2C cameras well over 12 months old with no issues. Best to start with the simple things first.

  1. Use a different cable & wall adapter and charge again. See if the blue light appears

  2. Failing that, press & hold SYNC button for 15 secs

See how that goes.

The same thing has happened to my cam E and then my 2 Pro two weeks after. It happened on both occassions after taken the cameras down and recharging them with the homebase. Both cameras are now dead bricks and customer supports say its outside the 12 months warranty. This seems to be a defect with the cameras if they stop working after being fully charged.