No notifications when phone in idle


I cannot get notifications on my phone unless I’m actually using the app. Sometimes I get notifications for a few minutes after I close the app. I have checked all my settings, but cannot work it out. My phone is using android 9.0 pie

You need to create a power saving exclusion for the Eufy app.

Go to settings.
Apps & Notifications
Special Access
Power Savings Exclusions

Scroll down to the Eufy app and turn on the Exclusion.

This will prevent the battery saver from shutting the app down if it doesn’t receive any input for a while. It does use a little more battery, but it means your notifications should come through quickly. Mine appear on average about 3 seconds after they are triggered.

Thanks. I can’t find anything that says power saving exclusions in my phone. There is a setting that says battery optimise. Could that be it?

On Android 9 and above the optimize battery function kind of replaces power saving exclusions, but its not clear to me that it serves the same function. What I finally found is a setting in Device Care that seems to replace the power exclusion in earlier Android versions.

Go to Device Care and select Battery
Select App Power Management
Select Apps that won’t be put to sleep
Use the Plus key in upper right to add Eufy Security to the apps that won’t be put to sleep.

Hopefully, that will correct your notification issues.

Aha, I think I may have got it. I have a cheap android Samsung copy so everything in settings is called something different. There is something called Duraspeed on my phone which allows me to set which apps can run in the background. I have turned the app on, so fingers crossed now. Thank you so much for your help x