No notifications on oneplus 7

I am new here on the forum. Not much experience with eufy,but I bought the wireless doorbell and it works great.
But one thing that is not working all the time are the notifications on my oneplus 7 pro.
First it worked. Then I didn’t get notifications anymore. So I reinstalled the app and then it worked again. After a while no more notifications so I cleared cache and data. Again it worked but the same problem after a while. Somebody has the same problem and/or have a solution?

Check the battery optimization for the eufy app. I have the same phone and set it to ‘do not optimise’.
oneplus very aggressively kills background apps:


Thanks, i will try this. Didn’t think of that option. But it makes sense.

i have an one plus nord 5g with the same problem , can’t get it to work ! it works when i am on wifi , but not on my mobile internet! it is driving me crazy i am on android 11