No notifications being received on Eufy battery video doorbell


I am not receiving any notifications to my Smartphone from my recently purchased Eufy battery video doorbell even though I am receiving recordings through the Live Events tab. When somebody approaches the house and presses the doorbell, I hear the chime on my HomeBase2 and a recording of the event is made but no notifications appears on my Smartphone. Any ideas?

@brian.mulligan55 can you check the settings are correct on the app?
Doorbell Settings–>Notifications–> turn ON “Doorbell Ring” & “Motion Detect”
While you are there, play with other settings to your needs such as Alert tones and content of notification etc.

Hi Ice4

Thanks for your response. Yes I have checked under Doorbell settings and both Doorbell Ring and Motion Detect were/are toggled ON. On that page, the Default Tones for Motion Alerts and Ring Alerts are selected (which I am happy with) and “The related history event” and “Include Thumbnail” are also selected.