No notification sound on phone

So we bought the eufy set everything up and worked great. Video was working notifications works great then the next day we don’t have any notification on our phones. Nothing has changed it just stop making sounds. We have events recorded showing that so one was at the door but just don’t get the sound on our phones anymore. I’m sure this has been an issue before but only thing I see on here is people saying turn on your notifications in settings. So don’t mention that because it’s done and hasn’t changed.

Check Volume Settings Make sure that the volume on your phone is turned up and not on silent or vibrate mode. Also, check if the notification sound is specifically muted for any apps.

Try restarting your phone if you haven’t done so yet.

what kind of phoneS?

I have exactly the same problem (i have a Samsung A54 phone). The phone is two months old.
I uninstall the Eufy app, then reinstall the app & for around two days I get sound notifications then they stop.
I have repeatedly uninstalled & reinstalled the Eufy app but the same problem occurres (as above).
I am extremely disappointed in the software & how it is failing with my android Samsung phone.
Please assist me if you know of a fix please.

Same Problem: No Audio Notifications from the two-pack C210 SoloCams I bought 2 days ago. Called tech Support and their recommended solution didn’t work.

Emailed and they sent me back a 5 count list of possible solutions and they didn’t resolve the issue.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G phone and it works perfectly with all of my other devices!

Not a good customer satisfaction level right now.