No motion notifications or video from video doorbell and floodlight

I just installed a battery video doorbell and a floodlight camera two days ago. Motion detection seems to not work. it worked two times out of multiple tests/events, and when it does work, the the floodlight motion detection didn’t work. I’m at a loss, I’ve tried restarting the app, the devices and searched online but the app examples I saw did not match my app (android, pixel 4a). Any help appreciated!

Are you seeing video events but no push notifications or nothing at all.

First thing to check is the Security Tab at the bottom of the app. Under the active Mode (usually Home) it should show both devices. Click on each device and make sure you have push notification and record video checked.

Do you have your doorbell set up in power manager on Optimal battery life?
If so, that will stop motion detection and it will only trigger on bell press.