No motion detection & recording since HB3 firmware update on 5/11

The HB3 got a firmware update on 5/11. Since that day, none of my cameras connected to it are either recording or sending notifications when there is motion detection (and I have tried multiple times and day and can see the camera confirming it detected some motion).
All other standalone indoor cameras connected to WiFI work just fine and continue to record and send notifications. However, all the outdoor cameras with connection to HB3 simply do not since 5/11.

Before the update, I used to run into this issue intermittently as well but before 5/11 doing a reboot of the HB3 would fix the problem temporarily. However, since 5/11, a reboot does not help at all. None of the cameras connected to it are recording or sending notifications. If you look at the release notes for the update on 5/11, it states “improve the base station notification feature” but instead it completely broke it. WTH.

This has been and continue to be really frustration. I have purchased all types of cameras over the years with Eufy. I work in the IT and understand that software can break things, but this is unacceptable that today none of the cameras are providing the basic functionality they were advertised for with regards to motion detection, notification and recording. Seriously, what is going on?

What are the System/Subsystem version numbers that your HB 3 was upgraded to?

Attached above. I thought I had done so initially.
System Version: (it was on before that)
Subsystem Version;

I noticed this too, my rear cameras went off last night before bed I saw the spot light turn on and noticed a racoon triggered it the next morning I checked the app and there was no recording of the animal.

I received the HomeBase 3 version update automatically this morning.

I received a motion detection notification from my E340 doorbell and viewed the recording (check).

I tested my S300 eufycams and received notifications and viewed the recordings (check). However, I was getting the notifications from the S300 eufycams almost instantly before this update, but now the notifications are delayed about 5 seconds or so. So much for their claim that this firmware update ‘Improved the base station’s notification feature’.

I tested my S350 indoor camera and I did not receive any notification at all after testing it twice, but I was able to view the recordings. Again, So much for their claim that this firmware update ‘Improved the base station’s notification feature’. After I changed a notification setting for the camera, I received 37 constant notifications from the camera. I tweaked the interval time, and then I just received 2 notifications.