No Internet at house, will a hotspot work?

We’ve purchased a new house and will be moving soon. We haven’t sold our current house yet, and will eventually have our internet account moved to the new house. When that happens, we’ll lose internet at the old house.
I would like to continue using the cameras at the old house until it’s sold, but I don’t know if using a “pay as you go” hotspot will work? Will the homebase be able to connect to the hotspot via wifi, and will I be able to see footage on the app? How much data is used with the cameras, if I buy 10GB…is that enough?

I guess a hotspot won’t work. Thanks

Depends on the type of hot-spot, if it is mobile the signal will be weak, of it is a dedicated hot-spot with a router, it may work.

@uescxcb I have used a Verizon mobile hot spot for the Eufy indoor and wired outdoor cameras when we’ve traveled. It connects and works well…as long as you have decent coverage. Unfortunately, I have never tried it on one of the homebases.

Some mobile networks block certain ports so that needs to be looked into (most are ok now in the UK), I don’t know what ports eufy uses but someone may be able to answer that in this forum. One thing to also consider is there might be a slight increase in lag due to using a mobile network but usually not noticeable to the normal internet user. The amount of data used will decide on how often you get notifications and review videos/look at live feeds.

I appreciate the info and the responses. After looking for hotspots to purchase, as well as buying a card for data usage I realized it would cost more than just having internet at the old house for one more month. We’re going to keep our internet and power on at the old house as we work on maintenance before we sell, and that way we’ll be able to keep an eye on things.