No image when pressing on events

Not able to bring up any image when door camera issues alert. All I get is a little square picture that flashes up for about 1 second. But when I go to events nothing. I get the live stream eventually but that is more complicated than just pressing a button I have to press on eufy button where there is nothing then when I exit and press eufy again I get the live feed. Clearly this isnt correct where am I going wrong?

Check the Security tab on the bottom of the app. If you have a Homebase, select that and it will take you to the Mode screen, otherwise select your device to get to Modes. Usually, the Mode screen starts out on the Home mode. If it doesn’t show Home mode selected, then change it so it does.

Now, click the gear icon in the Home mode and find the device that isn’t giving you Events. Make sure that Record Video is checked. That should get you events.