No IFTTT?!? Can we get this done?

I bought this assuming… like all solid smart devices connected to Google Assistant, I could connect to IFTTT. Creating automations to run on motion detection, or doorbell, would be very powerful.

I honestly can’t believe it isn’t IFTTT supported.

I see a bunch of community posts and lots of Eufy responses saying stuff like, ‘thanks for the suggestion’… But honestly, not good enough. This is an essential and very useful feature.

If it’s a question of payment… my Chamberlain garage door opener app charges $10 / year to integrate with IFTTT, which really just covers their cost. Totally worth it. Can we get this done? Even if just on cloud subscription accounts or pay for connection to IFTTT individually?


I definitely agree with this! @Mengdi @eufy_official @Yanyee1 @AnkerSupport


Agreed, I just picked up a kit on the basis I can use the smart home integrations to use other ecosystems like Smartthings. The current Alexa and Google Assitant integrations are next to useless. IFTTT is a must, a Smartthings integration would also be greatly appreciated.
With a surge in sales since Prime Day, I suggest Eufy get their act together and start making some serious improvements. There’s a thriving community here which I’m sure would lend a helping hand. I see HomeAssistant users are already back-engineering the API without documentation. Just give it to them! I’d expect the userbase would increase.
I don’t know, maybe my head is stuck in the clouds.

P.S Eufy if you’re reading, hit me up. I’m full of ideas and suggestions :smile: