No events without card?


Im new here! My last camera doesn’t work anymore so I bought an Eufy indoor camera. My last camera took pictures when there was movement in the room. I always could look back at the pictures. Can I do that on a Eufy camera too? Is that the option “event”? I don’t see any pictures there. Do I have to have a micro sd card to use that?


You can set the indoor camera to either record on motion, on a schedule, or just record 24/7. For all of these, you need an SD card. Otherwise, there is no place to store your video. Once you install a card, you can look back on your events or your timeline by choosing an event or accessing Playback for 24/7 recordings.

Depending on the size of the card, at some point, the card will start overwriting older events or the timeline. Anything you want to save, you can download to your phone or device.

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Ahhh ok! Will buy a SD card, thank you!

If you look at the app Help menu, they have some recommendations for SD cards. The cams support up to 128 GB and I would get the biggest good quality card you can afford. Most 128 GB class 10 cards are around $20.