No capture when running through capture zone

Hey community, just today I installed the first of three Cam 2. It is monitoring the area between garage and entrance. when i hide around the corner and quickly run under the camera (approx. 6meters) I can do that without being captured. Thats in my opinion not good. It is set to high sensitivity. Any recommendations welcome. Thanks in advance.

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These cams are not accurate. It’s been a on going problem for a long time. If that feature is important to you I would return the cams and get your money back before the return policy expire.


It is very likely any battery powered camera will have this same issue.

The reason is because the PIR sensor has to detect the motion and though it can be fairly accurate seems to need a few secods to detect the motion going across the field of view and for the camera to start recording. This is the exact reason qhy some cameras also have a powered option so they can essentially always record and then when motion is detected start the clip a few seconds earlier.

If that doesn’t work for you return it and liik for a powered outdoor camera.