No audio via bluetooth earplugs from T8210 doorbell (Audio works fine over bluetooth with Cam2C)


The audio from and to the Eufy doorbell (T8210) does not work when phone (both Android and Iphone) audio is via bluetooth earplugs.
Using the same phone bluettoth setup does work fine with the Cam2C camera’s

Does anybody know a solution?

Version T8210:
Version Homebase 2:

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Its a known issue that has been reported before. No solution so far.

Thanks, its a shame such fundamental issues do not get any response nor solution from Eufy…

It doesn’t really do any good to complain about issues on this board or Reddit. If it’s important to you, send an email to support and get a ticket assigned. That way, they know people want the issue fixed and how many users are impacted.

I had made a similar thread several months ago about this issue.

I recently contacted Eufy support again about the issue via their live chat. Their rep suggested I look at my Bluetooth settings on my phone and then proceeded to ignore me, and then he ended the chat without saying anything

If it’s important to you, send an email to support and get a ticket assigned.

The chat and phone support are just script readers and you are wasting your time talking to them.

I’ve decided I’m going to send a feedback email everyday about this issue until it gets fixed

This is the response I received this time. If I’m understanding it correctly, they’re saying that this is the intended way for it to work. :man_shrugging:

"Thanks for contacting Eufy Customer Support.

We are sorry for such an inconvenience caused but sorry to say that when your phone has been connected to other Bluetooth devices at the same time, or when you are holding the button to speak while on the phone, the two-way audio of the doorbell cannot work. So this is the requirement on the product use not a defect of that. Hope you could understand.

Truly sorry again for such a hassle caused to you. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please kindly let us know and we will try our best to help.


Reference Ticket#83593423"