No audio track on bulk downloads

Live view via Eufy app - audio is present
Live view via HomeKit - audio is present
Playback recordings via Eufy iOS app and MacOS app - audio is present
Playback via HomeKit/iCloud - audio is present
Downloaded clips via iCloud - audio is present


Downloaded clips via Eufy Security App, no audio is present. Examination of the mp4 file shows no track.

Given this is the main way to download bulk files it’s very frustrating this doesn’t work and does not seem to be a codec issue. The track is simply not included in the file, despite clearly being included in the file saved on Hub.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?
Using most up to date versions of firmware and App as of 8 Dec 2020.


I don’t have any issues with audio on my android devices. Have a Samsung tablet and LG phone and both have audio in all my clips. I even checked my android emulator running on a PC and the clip audio works fine there as well.

If the track isn’t there, maybe there is a setting or permission thats not correct when you save the file.

@WCTV I would double check the audio setting in the app to make sure it’s turned on (picture below). If everything is correct and it still doesn’t work, then you may want to directly contact Eufy support to get their feedback because that’s not “normal”.