No audio on hard wired video doorbell

All settings are correct
No to very, very low audio from live or recorded video

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I’m having this same issue!! I’ve checked EVERY SETTING a billion times, I’ve restarted it I can’t tell you how many times hoping that would fix it too. I mean literally it was like BOOM overnight the audio just went out & I haven’t been able to hear anything since.
I’ve rebooted my cell too hoping it had something to do w that-nada!!

** App & Firmware are all up-to-date || iOS is up-to-date || settings are all correct **
Someone please help us!

Same issue… I’m assuming it’s whatever updated firmware that just got pushed out is causing the issue…Eufy, please fix ASAP!

I broke down & called eufy ab it, bc I couldn’t stand not being able to hear the audio anymore. That’s the whole point of purchasing this product in the first place.

They helped w doing troubleshooting, did some hands on things to the app & the doorbell separately as well & for my physical doorbell, my audio completely glitched out & died. Whomever I spoke with told me they’d never saw that before & it was very uncommon, & all the other troubleshooting we had done prior should have taken care of it, so I must have gotten a dud purchase lol.

Call customer service & get them to help you!!
:crossed_fingers:t3:It’s just needs something small adjusted & you’ll get it back up & running!! :grinning:

Can you detail what you tried? My audio just stopped working