No Alexa integration anymore - not detected by Alexa

I had to redo my setup with another Alexa account, to benefit from FireTV integration. Skill and acount linking worked well.
Bad idea… Alexa is unable to detetect anything, including devices from Eufy anymore apparently.
Worse… My doorbell is then not ringing anywhere anymore.
What is happenning there ? Is Anker shutting down ?

Same problem here. Doorbell press won’t trigger anything. Routines not working etc as well. I’ve tried deleting the skill, devices and readding them etc

You were able to re-add the devices from Alexa ? I am not able to do so…

Yes. Deleted the devices, then the skill. Waited a little. Re-enabled the skill, then Alexa rediscovered them

Tried that, to no avail. Strangely enough, Eufy is not present neither on the camera nor under Security System.
Just checked on the Amazon product page, and all references to Alexa have been removed.
Is Anker/Eufy simply removing the whole Alexa integration from the product ?

Earlier today mine just started working again

I just bought an echo show 8 on Black Friday deal but I’ve also returned it as it didn’t work with my Eufy battery door bell. I got it to announce someone was at the door but then I had the spinning wheel of death. it wouldn’t connect to the video feed. If someone had been at the door they’d have gone. When it did connect I saw a flash of video feed for a second then it when back to the screen saver. Also none of my other Eufy cameras (camE and floodlight cam 2021) support live feed or do anything useful with Alexa. Back to using the eufy app on an old iPad as a monitor, but of course it’s not integrated with eufy. We just wanted an indoor monitor to bring up live feed. Any other ideas?

FYI, as of this morning, my Alexa routines are now firing.

So eufy deleted all sensors in Alexa. As for now you can’t choose entry or motion sensors in routines.
This is such an shitshow…