No alert sound on iphone

Hi I’ve just installed a Eufy Video door bell, all seems to be working fine, but I do not get a sound alert from my iPhone. I’ve checked all the settings but can’t seem to see what I have done wrong. Please note I receive notifications on my iPhone but no sound alerts.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Have you got your phone on vibrate?

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That’s what I thought the problem was too, but I can confirm my phone is definitely not on vibrate. Do you think I should reinstall the app?

Check the settings that you have allowed notifications to be pushed or sound

I have the same problem but with 2 androids phone’s. Checked all the settings but not working. I can i fix this?

I got my alert notification sound audible again by going into settings and choosing a different sound and then choosing the sound I had originally chosen. I lose my sound every time there’s a phone app update. I think there’s some sort of glitch, and by just choosing some other sound, it works again. It would be nice if this was actually fixed, but at least I found a work around.