No Activity Zone option under Apple Home running IOS14

Just installed three EUFY 2c cameras, HomeBase2, and have existing Apple ecosystem - running IOS14 and the latest versions of HomeBase / Apple TV. However after following all the instructions (which were not that clear) - now have cameras visible under Apple Home, but the option to set an activity zone is not there when selecting the camera, then the cog to configure the camera.

Tried contact EUFY support but they were as much use a chocolate teapot TBH - got a canned response saying they would work with the Apple Engineer . . .

Reading this forum - seems some people have it working fine, so maybe I am missing something.

Here are the details of my installation - any thoughts, advice would be welcome.

AppleTV : 13.4.8
HomeBase version: 13.4.8

Cameras (EUFYCam 2c) have the timeline bar but no option for the activity zone.
From Apple Home, the firmware version of the camera(s) is 1.6.7. model T8113

From EUFY Security :
System Version = 1.67, subsystem 1.070-20200706
Homebase2 : system version 2.1.2 2h, subsystem

Installation steps

  1. Installed EUFY security app and added cameras with no issues.
  2. Clicked “HomeKit Setup” in the EUFY security app
  3. Followed the steps - HomeKit verified cameras being added
  4. All camera authenticated and visible in Home App, set to stream and record - but cannot get the option to set Activity Zones.


You need tvOS 14. Shows up for my indoor cams

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Excellent - that did the trick, even though Apple TV is set to auto-update!

Thanks !!