Night vision issue

I have had the 1080p doorbell camera for around a week now, but have noticed an issue with the night vision.
I have a motion sensor outside light on the otherside of the door and when someone walks passed at night, both the light and the doorbell are activated. However, the doorbell seems to be confused as to whether to use the normal camera or the night vision as it flicks between the two while the light is on. There is also a loud audible click when it is switching, although I’m not sure if this is normal?
I would have thought that the doorbell would have just been able to switch between night vision and normal when the outside light came on or went off. Is it faulty?
The doorbell is quite close to a wall on one side and I have used the angled wedge and the wall doesn’t affect the doorbell in any other way. It works fine during the day and when the outside light is off, it also works fine.
The issue seems to be when the outside light is activated at night.
Does anyone have any ideas?

I have this issue with my outdoor cam, i have it mounted facing my backyard but my back yard also has a parking lot, and on the other side theres an outdoor motion light sensor, at night it gives my camera issues like you explained, the only way i stopped this was to just turn off the light outside so it dont turn on durning night as my outdoor cam has a spotlight already, not as bright but still… idk if you are able to do the same but maybe just turn night vision off is probably the only way which unfortunately if u dont have enough light u wont be able to see anything