Night time detection

Hi my eufc cam out the front just continues to detect and record constantly thru the night. I’m happy it’s working but it’s picking up nothing, probably a leaf blew past etc. is it because my motion sensor up to high or be grateful and deal with all the notifications :joy:. Just thought would ask before stuff around with it.

Try setting human only and sensitivity down. I also only have it trigger my property only and not the street to avoid false detections

But at night human detection is not active. It detects everything at night. Or do you know a workaround how I can activate human detection at night?

It is all motion during the night.
As for the OP: try lowering the sensitivity settings. Maybe that helps

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Thanks guy’s, help is much appreciated.
In the end I waited till dark and turned down sensor, then did motion detection test and continued till I found setting I liked.

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