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Ffs, I just brought a 4 cam eufy cam 2c pro. Hopefully I can Intergrate them Into to this new system.
Will this be coming to New Zealand?

How do I claim this reward too. Haven’t got anything in email.

I also just bought a 2k bundle. With a door bell. Is this Comming to Australia?

Most likely will be released in the US first and then other countries but I’m guessing.

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Nice, hopefully it comes to Australia some time very soon. And that gouncan replaceypur current homebase with this one.

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Sorry for the typos, working with a small phone here so yeah lol.
Hopefully you can replace your current homebase with this one
And built in back up battery would be great. The insert your own HDD will be awesome, hopefully we can use universal HDD’s.

Is the Home Base 3 backwards compatible? I have spent several thousands of dollars with Eufy over the last two years. What additional features come with the new home base? In regards to the new cameras, is the 8x zoom optical or digital? Where can I read more about the features that are coming? I didn’t find anything useful with your teaser. I did sign up for the super early bird but haven’t received an email. @eufy_official and @eufy_Operation I hope to hear back soon.

Hello, dear user,
we are sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to help you verify the details of the problem, please feel free to contact us via EufySecurity app - >Help ->Live chat/Feedback or send email to Please add some descriptions if it’s convenient for you. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

eufy Security Team

How about making camera with infrared or what that has a sound of a shot gun clicking . Make a camera that will do a perimeter sweep when one camera is activated

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